Home water damage is more than mold problems, soaked carpets, and moldy odor. Besides these problems, water damage can also trigger several health problems and compromise your home’s structural integrity. As with anything, identifying the root cause of a problem helps you take action before that situation arises.

In this article, we’ll talk about the common culprits of water damage to help you prevent it and save you from the headaches it may cause.

How Does Water Damage Happen?

Even the slightest water damage that gets disregarded can leave your home in ruins, and that is a reason to prevent it from happening in the first place.

So below are five common water damage causes you should be on the lookout for.

1. Floods

Storms that bring torrential rains frequently lead to floods. Flash floods then cause sump pumps to fail or struggle to keep up. When this happens, water can quickly increase, causing devastating effects such as extensive water damage and destroyed possessions.

2. Rainy Weather

If you live in a place frequented by rainy weather, you’re prone to extensive water damage if you’re not watchful. Rainwater won’t properly drain if your gutters become clogged. This also means that the underlying materials of the roof may warp and rot. Although you can not control the weather, you can reduce your odds of getting water damage by cleaning your gutters at least once or twice a year. Installing gutter guards is also a great idea to prevent debris and leaves from blocking your gutters and downspouts.

3. Faulty appliances

When water appliances like washing machines or aging water heaters malfunction, they can create water damage. The equipment usually malfunctions due to faulty hoses or poor water connections that lead to the appliances. The fault in these water connections causes water to pool, damaging the flooring around it. When such damage occurs, a professional restoration company can help correct the situation by restoring your home’s structural integrity. You may check this page for more info on common property restoration procedures.

4. Pipe Leaks

A leak in the plumbing system is one of the most obvious and common causes of home water damage. This issue is sometimes difficult to spot unless they are under sinks. Small or steady leaks that go unnoticed will cause the pipes to get rusty, and there’s a high chance that these may burst.

This is why every homeowner should occasionally perform routine checks and maintenance on their plumbing systems. Rusty, damaged, and leaking pipes should be replaced right away. The longer you disregard simple issues like this, note that you’ll have to deal with the water damage it can cause to your home. When that happens, you’ll need to employ damage restoration services in Orlando to stop water damage in its tracks.

5. Sump Pump Problems

When a sump pump stops working, major basement flooding frequently happens. This usually results in water damage, mold development, and an increased risk of spreading bacteria. Always make sure that your sump pump is standing upright to keep it working in optimal condition. The outlet pipes must be tightly joined and drained out six feet from your location. Contact a professional immediately if you see any leaks from your sump pump.


Now that you know the common culprits of home water damage, you must always be on the lookout to prevent it from occurring. Although there are times when water damage can be inevitable, it’s always a good idea to act quickly by contacting remediation contractors to address your situation. Ensuring every minor water damage is fixed immediately can spare you from extensive issues and expensive repairs while keeping your property’s structural integrity intact.