We’re taught that it is essential to look after our teeth as a kid. Educators who work with kids spend weeks focusing on health lessons to help them create healthy and balanced oral health practices. Nonetheless, how about your pet? Toys, shoes, couch legs, and other things put a lot of damage on their teeth.

Common Things That Can Harm Your Dog’s Teeth

Looking after your pet’s teeth is equally as essential as taking care of your teeth. Your pet’s teeth could have infected, causing serious pain and discomfort. When your dog does not get regular dental treatment, it can lead to significant health problems like heart problems and kidney failure. Nevertheless, pet owners have some control over keeping their animals well-balanced.

Several dog owners don’t realize that their dogs’ teeth may be damaged even though they are exceptionally sturdy. Keeping a healthy and balanced diet for your dog’s teeth can be as easy as watching out for what they’re eating.


Ice cubes appear to be a special canine treat since they work as both a fast chew and a means of hydration. Even though they’re small, ice pieces have the potential to do a great deal of damage. When it comes to eating on the ice, even dogs with powerful mouths may struggle with a ruined tooth due to the huge pressure needed to break through the ice.

According to research, dogs’ mandibular and maxillary fourth molars, which have the sharpest points, are more prone to breaking off because of the pressure needed to squash ice. Offer your dog a water dish rather than ice cubes when it’s warm outside. Follow this link to learn more.

Tennis Balls

You might maintain your dog active in the backyard by playing fetch, but make sure they don’t take away the ball and chew on it because the fuzzy external layer can wear down their teeth. Tennis-ball fuzz makes issues even worse by collecting dust and grit, raising the abrasiveness.

Chewing tennis balls progressively damages the pet’s enamel, which owners usually neglect until the damage is serious and the pet experiences extreme oral sensitivity. Moreover, your pet ingests foreign objects from the tennis ball that may require treatment of internal conditions in pets.


Sticks in your backyard might appear to be easy fetch and chew toys, but they may damage your pet’s teeth and gums. Little sticks can hurt your pet’s teeth, bones, and gums if they become lodged in the roof of their mouth and teeth are not correctly brushed. Splintered sticks can puncture your pet’s mouth or digestive system.

Play fetch with a rubber ball risk-free for dogs and maintain your yard clean of dead branches if your dog likes to munch on twigs.


Some dog owners can not help but share their desserts with their canine companions. It’s not just terrible for your dog’s health and weight that sweet foods like ice cream, cookies, and other human indulgences aren’t given to them, but sugary treats can damage their teeth. Instead of feeding your dog sweet treats, eat the ice cream yourself and give your dog healthy, balanced dog treats with natural ingredients and low fillers.

Along with this, it is also important to pay attention to your dogs dental care to keep them healthy and have a long life.


If you wish to guarantee that your dog’s dental health is at its finest, it is necessary to receive regular dental exams and cleanings by an expert. Brush your dog’s teeth a minimum of twice a day to remove plaque before it hardens into calculus, which is significantly harder to remove from your dog’s teeth.