For immigration, one of the essential requirements is passing an examination by a doctor. Medical screenings are obligatory for people classified as refugees, as well as for people that are only able to remain in Canada for a short period. The results must be sent to the Canadian department of government in charge of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship. The applicant must pass pre-determined medical tests to show that they meet the necessary criteria.

What should you expect from a routine physical exam?

This article will walk you through the Ottawa immigration medical exam that you should be unfamiliar with and look for information about it. In the beginning, they’ll require a thorough physical examination of you to determine if you’re physically healthy and fit. A drug test will also be needed so that they will decide if you are free of any hazardous chemicals. The next step will be the eye inspection to establish the quality of your vision. The procedures used in these procedures are listed below.

Physical Exam

The panel physician immigration will be able to determine whether you are physically fit and healthy by analyzing the results of a comprehensive physical exam. During your time on the treadmill, you may be instructed to perform a variety of exercises and stretches. You’ll get your measurements taken, including your weight, height, and other attributes. From these data, we can also determine the body mass index (BMI). Do not eat for a couple of hours prior to the physical test. Limiting your fluid intake can help you avoid that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Drug Test

Urine samples are generally collected for use in the course of drug testing. Avoiding coming into contact with potentially harmful substances that could yield a positive result in a test is essential. Be sure to get plenty of fluids into your system before the test, especially if you are struggling to urinate under pressure. Before undergoing this medical examination, it will be in your best interest to eat healthy food and drinks while avoiding alcohol-based beverages.

Eye Exam

The ability to see is an essential indicator of how your health is performing. Eye specialists are the ones who examine your eyes and determine your ability to see. They must know this to determine whether or not it is suitable for them to participate in certain activities with you, such as driving. In the eye exam, it is common to be asked to read the text of varying sizes, recognize colors and patterns, and try on several lenses to see which one, if any, will best meet your requirements for visuals. You may find more info by visiting their site.


Immigration Refugees, Citizenship, and Immigration Canada’s government department demands an immigration medical examination. You could be required to submit the findings of your medical exam if you come under this category. Some options include a drug test, general physical examination, and eye tests. It is advised to avoid eating for a few hours before any exam and not drink too much water as it can cause bloating. However, staying hydrated and consuming a nutritious diet are also essential before medical examinations.