Pet owners want their furry buddies to live long lives, so they strive to give them the best quality foods and shower them with lots of love every day. However, raising healthy and happy pets comes with excellent hurdles. In addition, most pet owners are not that educated in caring for their fur buddies. As we proceed, we’ll look at the typical mistakes of many pet owners that lead to their pets dying earlier.

What Shortens Your Pet’s Life?

While all pet parents wish the best for their furry buddies, some solutions they believe are safe and harmless are what actually decrease their pet’s life expectancy. Here are five practices that can shorten your pet’s life without you being aware of it.

1. Not avoiding parasites

Fleas, ticks, lice, and internal parasites are common pests that infest most pet cats and dogs. Disregarding these pesky critters can trigger health problems in your pets and even put their lives in danger. Sadly, these pests are quite resilient, and often the best available herbal or treatment products can not eradicate them all at once. Ask your veterinarian about the necessary kitten vaccinations against parasites and the most efficient deworming products to guarantee your pet’s safety.

2. Skipping annual examinations

While bringing your pets to animal facilities for their annual or routine checkups is troublesome, it could help expand their lives. Getting your pet inspected in facilities that offer comprehensive medical services for cats at least one or two times a year can conserve their life. However, even energetic and healthy dogs still have to see a vet, as you never know if something within them is developing.

While there isn’t much you can do when symptoms of specific illnesses appear on your pet, prompt treatments can help boost their quantity and quality of life. However, this is only possible with yearly or routine checkups as vet prescription medicines are the only ones advisable to use for pets.

3. Neglecting their oral health

Periodontitis or gum disease in dogs can impact their health and even result in many health problems. The accumulation of germs in their mouth can damage their teeth health and cause kidney and heart diseases when overlooked. Taking care of your dog’s dental health is a simple task that can protect their teeth and maintain their eating patterns.

Bringing your pet to professionals specializing in pet dental services for their routine teeth cleaning, buying them safe chew toys that can help remove tooth plaque, and brushing their teeth every day can help maintain their dental and whole health.

4. Avoiding sterilization

Not neutering or spaying your pet can put their health at risk. According to studies, sterilizing your pet despite gender can help prevent some reproductive cancer types and behavioral issues. Additionally, sterilizing your pet includes many benefits and health advantages you might not even know yet. Taking your furry companion to vet surgeons to get the operation done deserves the time and money if you understand its benefits and significance to your pet’s life.

5. Feeding them unhealthy table scraps

Many foods are healthy for humans but not for pets. There are foods you must not give to your canines, particularly if it is table scrap and not their usual dog food diet. Human foods that are high in fats and sugar are dangerous to them. Foods like chocolate, onion, grapes, and garlic must never be fed to canines as these are hazardous even when ingested in small amounts.