Couples wanting the dreamiest wedding start with the two most important things: where and when. Not everything will fall in place, even if you have sorted the date and location. A one-of-a-kind wedding needs mindful preparation.

The first thing to do is to know your vision. This will help you stay on track and turn the wedding of your dreams into real life. Create your mood board before you seek help from your friends, professional wedding organizers, or stylists..

Details to Build Your Vision

Every detail should speak and mean something to you for this once-in-a-lifetime event. These must be close to your heart. Here are some ideas to consider in your checklist to make your wedding personal.

Valuable Heirlooms

It is a privilege to honor family history and traditions before moving on to the next chapter of your life. Heirlooms can be jewelry from your grandma, the garter your mom wore, and even the cake knife your parents used.

These are always significant and unique to every family. Use them as is, or think of ways to make them more interesting.

A Unique Theme

Selecting a theme can make your design aspects cohesive for a truly elegant event. A concept or theme sets the state of mind, whether you like it strictly black tie, rustic and relaxed, or fun and informal. Concepts for themes can be very personal by adding elements that reflect your pastimes and interests.

Your Favorite Flowers and Foliage

No wedding is complete without flowers and foliage. One tip for every couple: know what flowers are in season to ensure availability. To those thinking of how to save, choose locally available flowers. Ask your florist about these when you start creating a mood board.

Detailed Decorations

Search online for design ideas. Customize your event with elements such as marquee letters, flower walls, neon lights, or ambience light for the wedding ceremony. Ensure that your designs create the mood and show your character. Decors can be minimalist and simple, romantic and sophisticated, or can suggest partying into the wee hours.

Meaningful Music

Make a list of significant tunes to include in the playlist. These may be the songs you first danced to or what was playing in the background when you first met.

You can hire musicians and bands for a classic touch. If you prefer to go dancing after the formalities, get a DJ that can play your songs and keep the people on the dance floor.

Timeless Photos

Choosing the right photographer does not only mean getting somebody to point and shoot. Every photographer processes photos differently– the final edit and layout matter. Look at online galleries of various photographers in your area. Your memories in print must be as lovely as the big day itself.

Another fun way to document your big day is a photo booth for your guests. You might not be able to entertain everybody during the wedding, but photo booths are a great way to see how much your guests are having a blast. Why not look for vendors online, such as Cool Receptions, for photo booth options?

The Takeaway

Make a wedding checklist that starts with conceptualization. Work on the big ones: the wedding and reception venue, the guest list, and the theme. Include the tiny details into the big ones because these will make your big day unique.